Wafer Butterfly Instructions

Wafer Butterfly Application Instructions:

  1. Gently remove the wafer butterfly decorations from their packaging, you can gently bend it in the middle to create the 3D effect.

  2. For Buttercream Cakes:

    • Simply apply the wafer butterfly directly onto the buttercream surface.
    • Gently press the butterfly into the buttercream, ensuring it adheres securely.
    • Arrange the butterflies in your desired pattern or design.
  3. For Fondant or Ganache Cakes:

    • Apply a small amount of edible glue, water, or corn syrup onto the back of the wafer butterfly.
    • Carefully place the wafer butterfly onto the fondant or ganache surface.
    • Gently press the butterfly to ensure it sticks firmly in place.
    • Arrange the butterflies as desired, creating a stunning visual display.
  4. Avoid Refrigeration:

    • It's important to note that wafer butterflies should not be refrigerated once applied to the cake.
    • Refrigeration can cause the wafer decorations to soften and lose their shape.
    • Store the cake in a cool, dry place to maintain the integrity of the wafer butterflies.

Remember, wafer butterflies are fragile, so handle them with care during the application process. Enjoy the magical transformation they bring to your cake, adding a touch of whimsy and beauty.